What is your delicious?

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"The inside of the space is full of color and smells of donuts frying. What’s not to love?"

"I was able to watch from start to finish, from just ingredients to a piping hot cake donut in my hands, in a matter of minutes."

"After spending some time there, you’ll definitely feel the love! Now you can go create your own sweet memories with them!"

- Columbus Navigator

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Welcome to Donna's! The freshest donuts in central Ohio!


We're a locally owned and operated donut shop in the Gahanna/New Albany area of Columbus. We make all of our donuts to order and offer a variety of icings, drizzles, and toppings to choose from. We have some delicious suggestions on our menu but ultimately, you decide how to top your donut. Feel free to let your imagination run wild and don't be afraid to experiment! We also provide catering for events and you can order ahead online if you want to skip the line. Please come by, say hi, and let us know, WHAT IS YOUR DELICIOUS?

Catering all of your special events!

We offer catering options to satisfy all of your large orders and special events. If it's a party, meeting, wedding, birthday, etc. then we've got you covered. Just contact us with your order quantity and date and we'll set you up. We'll dress the donuts the way you want and can work with you regarding colors and special toppings. Need something without all of the toppings for a donut wall or tower? We can do that. Want something different to bring to the next tailgate or office party? We're the folks to make it happen. You can call the shop or email us at: donnasdeliciousdozen@gmail.com